Heat Gun (ITEM MODEL – HT330-S)

Feature Details
Voltage (V) 230
Power (W) 2000
Temperature (°C) 80-600
Temperature Setting Stepless Yes
Airflow (l/min) @ 20°C 450-550
Stepless Air Volume Adjustment No
Static Pressure (Pa) No
Eco-Mode No
Display Yes
E-Drive Yes
Nozzle Connection Ø (mm/in) 35.5/1.4
Power Cable Length (m) 2.0
Noise Emission Level (dB (A)) 67
Approvals CE


    • Cooling stages:
      • Provides multiple cooling stages to gradually reduce the temperature after use.
      • Helps in preventing overheating and prolongs the life of the heat gun.
      • Allows for safe storage immediately after use.
    • Heat protection:
      • Incorporates mechanisms to protect against overheating.
      • Ensures safe operation and extends the life of the heat gun.
      • Helps maintain consistent performance over time.
    • Ergonomically shaped handle:
      • Designed for comfortable and secure grip during use.
      • Reduces fatigue during extended operation periods.
      • Enhances control and precision in handling.
    • Suspension device:
      • Includes a feature to hang or suspend the heat gun for easy storage.
      • Prevents damage and keeps the workspace organized.
      • Provides quick access and safe storage.
    • Easy to use:
      • Simplifies operation with intuitive controls and settings.
      • Reduces learning curve for new users.
      • Enhances productivity and efficiency in various applications.


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