Heat Gun (ITEM MODEL – HT 1600)

Feature Details
Voltage (V) 230
Power (W) 1600
Temperature (°C) 40-700
Temperature Setting Stepless Yes
Airflow (l/min) @ 20°C 240
Stepless Air Volume Adjustment No
Static Pressure (Pa) 2600
Eco-Mode No
Display No
E-Drive No
Nozzle Connection Ø (mm/in) 31.5 / 1.25
Power Cable Length (m) 3.0
Noise Emission Level (dB (A)) 67
Approvals CE,kc


SKU HT 1600
    • Stepless temperature control:
      • Allows for precise adjustment of temperature.
      • Offers flexibility in selecting the exact temperature required for the task.
      • Ideal for applications where precise temperature control is necessary.
    • Ceramic heating element:
      • Provides efficient and even heat distribution.
      • Quick to heat up and cool down.
      • Durable and resistant to corrosion.
    • Robust brush motor:
      • High durability and reliability.
      • Efficient performance with low maintenance.
      • Known for long life and consistent operation.
    • Cool-down function:
      • Ensures safe handling after use by quickly cooling down the heat gun.
      • Enhances user safety and prolongs the life of the device.
      • Reduces the risk of accidental burns.
    • Configurable parameter settings:
      • Allows users to customize settings according to specific needs.
      • Enhances flexibility in usage across different applications.
      • Enables optimization for different materials and tasks.
    • Dust protection:
      • Includes mechanisms to prevent dust from entering sensitive components.
      • Extends the life of the heat gun by keeping internal parts clean.
      • Suitable for use in environments where dust may be present.


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