Heat Gun (ITEM MODEL – HG530-S)

Specification Details
Model ITEM MODEL – HG530-S
Voltage (V) 230V
Power (W) 2300W
Temperature Range (°C) 80°C – 650°C
Temperature Settings Stepless digital control
Two Temperature Settings 350°C and 550°C
Airflow (l/min) Stepless adjustment, 200 – 550 l/min
Eco-Mode Yes
Display Yes, digital display
Nozzle Connection Ø (mm/in) 35.5 / 1.4
Length (mm) 250.0 mm
Weight (kg) 0.75 kg
Power Cable Length (m) 2.0 m
Noise Emission Level (dB (A)) 67 dB(A)
Approvals CE certified
Industries Automotive, Electronics, Construction, Crafts
Applications Shrinking, Soldering, Desoldering, Welding, Paint Stripping, Drying, Thawing

    Key Features

    1. Powerful Performance: The heat gun operates at 230V and delivers a high power output of 2300W, ensuring quick heating and efficient operation.
    2. Temperature Control: It features a digital temperature control system, allowing precise adjustment of temperatures from 80°C to 650°C. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from shrinking tubing to bending plastic and more.
    3. Two Temperature Settings: The heat gun offers two temperature settings: 350°C and 550°C, providing flexibility for different heating requirements.
    4. Stepless Airflow Control: Adjust the airflow volume steplessly from 200 to 550 liters per minute (l/min), allowing for precise control over the intensity of heat applied.
    5. Eco-Mode: Includes an eco-mode for energy-efficient operation, reducing power consumption during prolonged use.
    6. Display: Equipped with a digital display for easy monitoring of temperature settings and airflow volume.
    7. Nozzle Connection: Comes with a 35.5mm (1.4 inches) nozzle connection diameter, ensuring compatibility with a variety of accessories.
    8. Ergonomic Design: Designed with ergonomics in mind, the heat gun is comfortable to hold and use, reducing user fatigue during extended operation.
    9. Temperature and Air Stage Storage: Remembers the last used temperature and airflow settings, allowing for quick setup and consistent performance.
    10. Durable Ceramic Heating Element: Features a durable ceramic heating element that provides even heat distribution and long-lasting performance.
    11. Certifications and Approvals: CE certified, ensuring compliance with European safety standards.


    The HG530-S Heat Gun is suitable for a wide range of professional and industrial applications, including:

    • Shrinking: Heat shrink tubing for electrical and electronic projects.
    • Soldering: Melting solder for electrical connections.
    • Desoldering: Removing soldered components safely.
    • Welding: Plastic welding for repairs and fabrication.
    • Paint Stripping: Removing old paint from surfaces.
    • Drying: Speeding up drying times for paints and adhesives.
    • Thawing: Defrosting frozen pipes and locks.


    • Automotive: Heating applications for automotive repairs and maintenance.
    • Electronics: Soldering and desoldering electronic components.
    • Construction: Shaping and bending plastic pipes.
    • Crafts and DIY: Versatile tool for various DIY projects.


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