Heat Gun (ITEM MODEL – HG 530A)

Specification Details
Voltage (V) 230
Power (W) 2300
Temperature (°C) 80-650
Power Cable Length 2.0
Display Yes
Noise Emission Level 67
Suspension Device Yes
Easy to Use Yes
Powerful in Work Mode & Eco-Mode Yes
Length 250.0
Temperature & Air Stage Storage Yes
Approvals CE
Suitable for Professional Application Yes


    • Powerful in Work Mode & Eco-Mode:
      • The heater offers two distinct modes: a powerful work mode for quick heating and an eco-mode for energy-efficient operation.
    • Digital Temperature Control:
      • Precise digital controls allow for accurate temperature adjustments, ensuring optimal comfort and efficiency.
    • Ergonomically Designed:
      • Designed with user comfort in mind, featuring ergonomic elements such as easy-to-reach controls and a lightweight, portable build.
    • Temperature & Air Stage Storage:
      • It stores the last used temperature and air stage settings, allowing for quick setup and consistency in usage.
    • Durable Ceramic Heating Element:
      • Utilizes a robust ceramic heating element known for its durability and efficient heat distribution.
    • Suitable for Professional Application:
      • Ideal for professional use in various settings, providing reliable performance and longevity.


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