Die Grinder (ITEM MODEL – GGS 28 LCE)

Specification Value
No-load Speed 10,000 – 30,000 rpm
Rated Input Power 650 W
Tool Holder Collets up to 8 mm diameter
Power Output 380 W
Spindle Collar Diameter 43 mm
Weight 1.6 kg
Tool Dimensions (Length) 375 mm
Tool Dimensions (Height) 75 mm
Max. Collet Diameter 8 mm (only 6 mm included)
Max. Grinding Tool Diameter 50 mm
Spanner Size of Locking Nut 19 mm²
Spanner Size of Grinding Spindle 13 mm²
Switch Lockable Switch

    ey Features of Straight Grinder (Model: GGS 28 LCE)

    1. Powerful Motor:
      • Equipped with a high-performance motor for efficient grinding and cutting.
    2. Variable Speed Control:
      • Features variable speed settings for optimal control and precision in different applications.
    3. Electronic Constant Electronics:
      • Maintains consistent speed under load for reliable performance.
    4. Compact and Ergonomic Design:
      • Lightweight and ergonomically designed for ease of use and reduced user fatigue.
    5. Direct Cooling:
      • Direct cooling system for high overload capability and long tool life.
    6. KickBack Control:
      • Integrated safety feature that detects a sudden tool jam and shuts off the motor to prevent injury.
    7. Soft Start:
      • Ensures smooth start-up and reduces the load on the motor.
    8. Overload Protection:
      • Protects the motor from overheating, extending the tool’s lifespan.
    9. Precision Grinding:
      • Suitable for fine grinding due to its high rotation speed and precision collet.

    Applications of Straight Grinder (Model: GGS 28 LCE)

    1. Metalworking:
      • Ideal for deburring, polishing, and finishing metal surfaces.
    2. Fabrication:
      • Suitable for fabricating metal structures and components.
    3. Automotive:
      • Useful for detailed grinding and polishing in automotive repair and customization.
    4. Tool and Die Making:
      • Perfect for precise grinding in tool and die manufacturing.
    5. Maintenance and Repair:
      • Versatile for various maintenance tasks, including smoothing welds and removing rust.
    6. Construction:
      • Can be used for detailed grinding tasks in construction projects.
    7. Woodworking:
      • Suitable for fine grinding and polishing wood surfaces.
    8. Model Making:
      • Ideal for intricate grinding and detailing work in model making.
    9. Industrial Applications:
      • Used in various industrial applications requiring precision grinding and finishing.


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