5″ Marble Cutter (ITEM MODEL – GDC 141)



Rated Input Power 1,450 W
No-load Speed 12,000 rpm
Weight 3 kg
Cutting Depth 40 mm
Disc Diameter 125 mm
Operating Mode Dry
Brand Bosch
Colour Grey, Blue
Blade Material Tungsten Carbide
Surface Recommendation Granite
Power Source AC
Special Feature Depth Adjustment
Included Components Package content:

  • Bosch GDC 141 Professional Diamond Tile Cutter (06013A41F0)
  • Hex key 1 x hexagon socket wrench
  • Cardboard box

    The Bosch GDC141 is a powerful diamond tile cutter designed for fast and precise cutting of various materials.

    • Powerful Performance: Equipped with a motor power of 1400W, the GDC141 offers fast cutting with a maximum cutting depth of 40 mm. Its high power ensures efficient cutting through tough materials such as marble, granite, and tiles.
    • Enhanced Safety and Convenience: The power cord of the GDC141 is positioned to the side, providing easier operation in various cutting positions and reducing the risk of tangling or cutting into the cable. Additionally, it comes with 2 insulation layers for added safety.
    • Precise Cutting: With low vibration levels, the GDC141 allows for precise cutting, providing easy control for accurate results. The disc diameter is 125 mm, suitable for cutting a variety of materials including stone, tile, marble, and granite.
    • Versatile Application: The GDC141 is ideal for both professional and DIY use, making it suitable for various construction projects.
    Weight 3 kg
    Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm


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