Recipro Saw (ITEM MODEL – JR3070CT)

Feature Description
Power Input 1010 Watts
Impact Energy 6.8 Joules
Cutting Capacity 130mm (pipe), 255 (wood)
Variable Speed Control Adjustable speed for precision and control
Ergonomic Design Comfortable grip to reduce operator fatigue
Durable Construction High-quality materials for longevity
Safety Features Includes safety mechanisms and protective housing
Vibration Reduction Minimized vibrations for smoother operation
Quick Change System Allows for rapid tool changes
Capacity – Wood 255 mm
Capacity – Pipe 130 mm
Length of Stroke 32 mm
Strokes per Minute 0-2,800 spm
Overall Dimensions 485 mm
Net Weight 4.6 kg
Power Rating Input 1,510 Watts
Power Supply Cord 2.0 m
Voltage 230 V
Carbon Brush 303


    1. Powerful Motor: The JR3070CT is equipped with a high-powered motor, providing efficient cutting performance for various materials, including wood, metal, and plastic.
    2. Variable Speed Control: It often features variable speed control, allowing users to adjust the cutting speed according to the material being cut and the application requirements.
    3. Tool-Less Blade Change: Makita’s tool-less blade change system enables quick and easy blade replacement, saving time and effort during operation.
    4. Orbital Action: This saw may include orbital action settings, which enhance cutting efficiency by moving the blade in a circular motion, ideal for faster cuts in wood and other soft materials.
    5. Anti-Vibration Technology: Some models of the JR3070CT feature anti-vibration technology, reducing fatigue and providing smoother operation for improved cutting precision.
    6. Adjustable Shoe: The adjustable shoe allows for increased blade longevity by enabling users to utilize the entire length of the blade evenly.
    7. Electronic Speed Control: It may come with electronic speed control, maintaining consistent cutting speed under load for optimal performance.
    8. Soft Start Feature: The soft start feature gradually increases the motor speed upon startup, reducing initial kickback and enhancing user safety and control.
    Weight 5 kg


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