16mm Drill Machine (ITEM MODEL- HP2070 )

Feature Specification
Model HP2070
Motor Power 1010W
Chuck Size 16mm
Speed Control Variable
Modes of Operation Hammer Drilling, Rotary Drilling
Maximum Drilling Capacity (Wood) 40mm
Maximum Drilling Capacity (Steel) 16mm
Maximum Drilling Capacity (Concrete) 20mm
Ergonomic Design Yes
Depth Gauge Yes
Side Handle Yes
SKU HP 2070

    Key Features:

    1. Powerful Motor:
      • The HP 2070 is equipped with a robust motor that provides high power output, enabling it to handle tough drilling tasks with ease.
    2. Variable Speed Control:
      • This feature allows the operator to adjust the speed according to the material being drilled, providing greater control and precision.
    3. Dual Mode Operation:
      • The drill machine offers two modes of operation: hammer drilling and rotary drilling. Hammer drilling is ideal for masonry and concrete, while rotary drilling is suitable for wood, metal, and plastic.
    4. Ergonomic Design:
      • Designed for user comfort, the HP 2070 features an ergonomic handle with a soft grip, reducing fatigue during prolonged use.
    5. Depth Gauge:
      • The included depth gauge ensures accurate depth drilling, improving the precision of the work.
    6. Keyed Chuck:
      • The 16mm keyed chuck provides a secure grip on drill bits, preventing slippage during operation.
    7. Durability:
      • Constructed with high-quality materials, this drill machine is built to withstand demanding work environments and ensure long-term reliability.
    8. Side Handle:
      • The side handle provides additional stability and control, especially when drilling into tougher materials.


    1. Construction:
      • Ideal for drilling holes in concrete, masonry, and other construction materials.
      • Suitable for tasks like installing anchors, bolts, and rebar.
    2. Metalworking:
      • Used for drilling holes in various metals, including steel and aluminum.
      • Essential for creating precise holes for fasteners and components.
    3. Woodworking:
      • Perfect for drilling holes in wood for carpentry and joinery projects.
      • Useful for installing dowels, screws, and other hardware.
    4. Plumbing and Electrical Work:
      • Helps in creating pathways for pipes and electrical conduits.
      • Assists in installing fixtures and fittings in various surfaces.
    5. DIY Projects:
      • Handy for a wide range of home improvement and DIY projects.
      • Suitable for tasks like assembling furniture, mounting shelves, and more.


    Weight 3.2 kg


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