Professional Straight Grinder (GGS 28 LCE)

Specification Details
Brand Bosch
Constant Electronic Yes
Clamping System New clamping system
Speed Preselection 6-stage speed preselection
Motor Protection Cut-out carbon brushes, direct cooling
Dimensions Compact and ergonomic shape
Servicing Requirement Little servicing required due to improved carbon brushes

    Key Features:

    • Improved Carbon Brushes: The GGS 28 LCE requires little servicing thanks to significantly improved carbon brushes, ensuring long-lasting durability and reduced maintenance requirements.
    • Constant Electronic: Equipped with Constant Electronic technology, this grinder maintains a constant speed even under heavy load, ensuring consistent performance and excellent results.
    • New Clamping System: The grinder features a new clamping system that securely fits the grinding stones, ensuring precise work and minimizing vibration for enhanced control.
    • Compact and Ergonomic Design: With its compact and ergonomic shape, the GGS 28 LCE offers versatility for grinding work in tight spaces while providing comfort during extended use.
    • Motor Protection: Cut-out carbon brushes and direct cooling contribute to a high level of motor protection, increasing overload capability and extending the tool’s lifetime.
    • Speed Preselection: The grinder features a 6-stage speed preselection system, allowing users to adjust the speed according to the material being worked on, ensuring optimal results.

    The Bosch GGS 28 LCE Professional Straight Grinder is the ideal choice for professionals seeking a reliable and efficient tool for precision grinding tasks.

    Dimensions 15.4 × 10.6 × 49.8 cm


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