10″ Compound Miter Saw (ITEM MODEL – GCM 254)

Rated Input Power 1,750 W
Saw Blade Diameter 254 mm
Mitre Setting 47 ° L / 52 ° R
Bevel Setting 45 ° L / 0 ° R
Saw Blade Bore Diameter 25.4 mm
Cutting Capacity, 0° 90 x 130 mm
Cutting Capacity, 45° Mitre 90 x 91 mm
Cutting Capacity, 45° Bevel 60 x 130 mm
Tool Dimensions (W x L x H) 477 x 559 x 567 mm
No-load Speed 5,000 rpm




    • Mobility and Cutting Capacity: With a 100 mm cutting capacity, this miter saw strikes the perfect balance between mobility and capability, allowing for versatile use in different work environments.
    • Variable Cutting Speed: The variable cutting speed feature ensures high versatility, enabling precise cutting in a wide range of materials including wood, aluminum, and plastic.
    • Tool-less Sawblade Changes: Fast and tool-less sawblade changes make handling the saw easy and convenient, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.
    • Additional Features: The GCM 350-254 Professional model includes advanced features such as a bevel detent turret, precision laser for accurate cuts, soft start for smooth operation, and speed selection for enhanced control and precision.
    • Included Items: The package includes the GCM 350-254 miter saw and one circular saw blade, Expert for Wood, with dimensions 254 x 30 x 2.4 mm and 60 teeth.
    Weight 11.1 kg


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