7″ (180mm) Circular Saw (ITEM MODEL – DWE5615)


Specification Details
Model DWE5615-IN
Type Compact Circular Saw
Power Source Corded Electric
Authorized Distributor Tools Centre
Motor Power 1500W
Blade Size 7 Inch (180mm)
Max. Cutting Depth [Maximum cutting depth] at 90° and 45°
Speed 5500
Dust Blower Yes
Adjustable Depth of Cut Yes

    Introducing the DEWALT DWE561A-IN Compact Circular Saw, a powerful and versatile tool designed for precision cutting in a variety of applications. As an authorized distributor, Tools Centre ensures that you receive genuine DEWALT quality and reliability, so you can trust in the authenticity of your purchase.

    The DEWALT DWE561A-IN Compact Circular Saw is engineered for efficiency and convenience, making it the ideal choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. With its compact design and high-performance features, this circular saw delivers exceptional cutting performance while offering ease of use and maneuverability.

    Featuring a powerful motor, the DWE561A-IN provides fast and efficient cutting, allowing you to tackle a wide range of materials with ease. Whether you’re cutting through wood, plywood, or MDF, this circular saw delivers precise and accurate results every time.

    The compact and lightweight design of the DWE561A-IN makes it easy to handle and maneuver, even in tight spaces. The ergonomic handle provides comfort and control, reducing fatigue during prolonged use and ensuring optimal performance on the job.

    Equipped with a range of features designed for convenience and versatility, the DWE561A-IN is the perfect tool for a variety of cutting tasks. The adjustable depth of cut allows you to customize your cuts to suit your needs, while the integrated dust blower keeps your work area clean and free of debris for improved visibility and accuracy.

    With its durable construction and reliable performance, the DEWALT DWE561A-IN Compact Circular Saw is built to withstand the rigors of daily use on the job site. Whether you’re a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, you can rely on the DEWALT DWE561A-IN to deliver the performance and precision you need to get the job done right.


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