235mm (9-1/4″) Circular Saw (ITEM MODEL – N5900B)


Specification Details
Blade diameter 235mm
Max cutting capacity
  • at 90°: 85mm
  • at 45°: 60mm
Bevel angle 50°
No load speed 4,100rpm
Overall dimensions 380mm
Net weight 7.2kg
Continuous rating input 2,000W
Power supply cord 2.0m
Voltage 230V
Carbon brush 153


SKU N5900B

    Key Features:

    1. Powerful Motor:
      • Equipped with a 2000W motor, providing ample power for tough cutting tasks.
    2. Large Cutting Capacity:
      • Can cut up to 85mm at 90 degrees and 60mm at 45 degrees, suitable for a variety of materials.
    3. High No-Load Speed:
      • No-load speed of 4,100 RPM ensures smooth and fast cutting performance.
    4. Durable Construction:
      • Built with robust materials for long-lasting durability and reliability in demanding environments.
    5. Adjustable Bevel Angle:
      • Bevel capacity ranges from 0° to 45°, allowing for versatile cutting angles.
    6. Spindle Lock:
      • Enables easy blade changes, enhancing convenience and safety.
    7. Ergonomic Design:
      • Designed with user comfort in mind, featuring an ergonomic handle that reduces fatigue during prolonged use.
    8. Dust Extraction:
      • Includes a dust extraction port to keep the work area clean and improve visibility.


    1. Construction:
      • Ideal for cutting wood, plywood, and other construction materials on-site.
      • Useful for framing, roofing, and flooring applications.
    2. Carpentry:
      • Essential for carpenters needing precise and powerful cutting capabilities for various woodworking projects.
    3. Remodeling:
      • Perfect for remodeling tasks where precise and deep cuts are required.
      • Useful for cutting through studs, joists, and other structural components.
    4. Furniture Making:
      • Suitable for cutting large boards and panels in furniture making.
      • Ensures clean and accurate cuts for high-quality finishes.
    5. DIY Projects:
      • Great for home improvement projects, allowing DIY enthusiasts to handle complex cutting tasks with ease.
      • Can be used for creating custom shelves, cabinets, and other home fixtures.
    Weight 6.8 kg
    Dimensions 40 × 27 × 32 cm


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