Magnetic Drill Press (ITEM MODEL – DWE1622K)


Specification Details
Power Source Corded Electric
Maximum Rotational Speed 450 RPM
Voltage 240 Volts
Amperage 10 Amps
Included Components 1 Magnetic Drill Press
Material Plastic, Metal
Speed 450 RPM

    Introducing the DWE1622K Magnetic Drill Press from DEWALT, a powerful and versatile tool designed for fast, clean, and accurate drilling into steel. With its high-performance motor, compact design, and advanced safety features, this magnetic drill press is ideal for professional use in metalworking and construction projects.

    Powered by a 1200W motor, the DWE1622K delivers exceptional drilling performance with variable speeds of 300 and 450 RPM. This allows for precise drilling operations, ensuring clean and accurate holes in steel materials.

    Despite its powerful performance, the DWE1622K is compact and lightweight, making it easy to maneuver and transport on the job site. Whether you’re working in tight spaces or moving between different work areas, this magnetic drill press provides the flexibility and convenience you need to get the job done efficiently.

    Equipped with overload protection and a 3-stage LED indicator, the DWE1622K ensures safe and reliable operation, even during prolonged use. The overload protection helps prevent damage to the tool and workpiece, while the LED indicator provides clear visual feedback on the tool’s status, allowing you to monitor performance with ease.

    The DWE1622K features a universal quick-release cutter holder that accepts any annular cutter with a 19mm round shank (Weldon) with one or more flats. This versatility allows you to use a wide range of cutting tools for various drilling applications, enhancing the efficiency and productivity of the tool.

    For added safety, the DWE1622K is equipped with a no-volt switch that prevents inadvertent restart after a power failure, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. Additionally, the standard equipment includes a 3-jaw chuck with an adaptor for straight drill bits, a safety chain, lubrication system, drill guard, and kitbox, providing everything you need for a complete drilling solution.

    Overall, the DEWALT DWE1622K Magnetic Drill Press combines power, precision, and safety to deliver professional-grade performance in a compact and portable package. Whether you’re drilling holes in steel beams, pipes, or plates, this magnetic drill press is the perfect tool for the job.


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