125mm Surface Grinding Shroud (ITEM MODEL – DWE46150)


Specification Details
Model DWE46150
Length 221mm
Compatibility Attaches directly to 125mm DEWALT Grinders with keyless clamp
Sliding Section Yes, allows access to corners and surfacing to edge
Compatibility with Vacuum AIRLOCK Compatible for quick, locking attachment to vac hose
SKU DWE46150

    Introducing the DEWALT DWE46150 Surface Grinding Dust Shroud Kit, a comprehensive solution for collecting harmful dust particles during surface grinding applications. With its innovative design and compatibility with DEWALT grinders, this dust shroud kit provides enhanced safety and efficiency in your grinding tasks.

    The DWE46150 Dust Shroud Kit is specifically designed to attach directly to 125mm DEWALT Grinders using a keyless clamp, ensuring a secure and hassle-free installation process. Once attached, the dust shroud effectively captures dust and debris generated during surface grinding, helping to maintain a clean and safe work environment.

    Featuring a sliding section, this dust shroud allows for easy access to corners and surfacing right up to the edge, ensuring thorough and precise grinding results. Whether you’re working on large surfaces or intricate details, this feature provides flexibility and versatility for a variety of grinding applications.

    The DWE46150 Dust Shroud Kit is AIRLOCK Compatible, allowing for quick and secure attachment to a vacuum hose for efficient dust extraction. This compatibility ensures that dust is effectively captured and contained, minimizing airborne particles and reducing cleanup time.

    With a length of 221mm, this dust shroud kit is compact yet powerful, offering optimal performance in a range of grinding tasks. Its durable construction and reliable performance make it an essential accessory for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, providing peace of mind and improved productivity on the job.

    Overall, the DEWALT DWE46150 Surface Grinding Dust Shroud Kit combines functionality, versatility, and durability to deliver a superior dust collection solution for surface grinding applications. Whether you’re working in construction, fabrication, or woodworking, this dust shroud kit ensures a cleaner and safer work environment, allowing you to focus on achieving professional-quality results.


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