14″x 120 Aluminium Blade (ITEM MODEL – DW03265)


Specification Details
Model Number DW03265
Teeth Type Large C2 Carbide Teeth
Teeth Design Precision Ground for Smooth Finish
Plate Material Hardened and Tempered Steel
Cutting Edge Sharp, Reduces Burring
Intended Use Metal Cutting
Not Suitable For Masonry, Concrete, Wood
Safety Recommendations Use Proper Eye & Respiratory Protection
Application Produces Accurate Cuts & Tighter Joints
SKU DW03265

    Key Features:

    • Large C2 Carbide Teeth:
      • The blade is equipped with precision-ground large C2 carbide teeth.
      • Each tooth is designed to deliver a smooth finish, ensuring cleaner cuts and reducing the need for additional finishing work.
    • Hardened and Tempered Steel Plate:
      • The blade features a hardened and tempered steel plate.
      • This construction enhances the blade’s strength and rigidity, allowing for accurate cuts that produce tighter joints.
    • Sharp Cutting Edge:
      • The sharp cutting edge of the blade minimizes burring, which ensures a cleaner cut and reduces the amount of rework needed.
      • This design also provides ease of cutting, making the task quicker and more efficient.
    • Safety Recommendations:
      • To minimize the risk of injury, it is crucial to use proper eye and respiratory protection while operating the saw.
      • This ensures user safety by protecting against potential hazards such as flying debris and dust inhalation.
    • Material Suitability:
      • The DW03265 saw blade is not suitable for use with masonry, concrete, or wood.
      • It is specifically designed for cutting metal or other similarly hard materials, making it ideal for metalworking projects.


    • Metal Cutting: Suitable for cutting various types of metal, making it ideal for metalworking projects.
    • Precision Cuts: Ensures accurate and clean cuts for tasks that require high precision and a smooth finish.

    Safety Precautions:

    • Always wear proper eye protection to guard against flying debris.
    • Use respiratory protection to avoid inhaling fine particles.
    • Ensure the saw blade is securely installed and properly maintained for safe operation.

    This saw blade is designed to meet the high standards of professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, delivering reliable performance and long-lasting durability.


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