Marble Tile Cutter (ITEM MODEL – GDC 120)

Feature Description
Model GDC 120
Disc DiameterNull 110mm
Power Input 1200W
Weight 5 lbs
Power Consumption 50W
Supported Formats MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV
Resolution Up to 4K
Connectivity USB, HDMI
Storage 500GB SSD

    Key Features:

    • Powerful Performance: Equipped with a high-powered motor, the GDC 120 delivers exceptional cutting performance, allowing you to effortlessly cut through marble and other similar materials with ease.
    • Durable Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of marble cutting tasks, this marble cutter features a robust and durable construction that ensures long-lasting performance and reliability.
    • Precision Cutting: The GDC 120 is designed for precise cutting, providing clean and accurate cuts for a wide range of marble cutting applications.
    • Safety Features: Incorporating safety features such as a protective guard and ergonomic handle, this marble cutter ensures safe and comfortable operation, minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries.
    • Powerful Performance: With a rated power input of 1200W and a no-load speed of 12,000 RPM, the Bosch GDC 120 delivers exceptional cutting power, ensuring quick and precise cuts through marble and similar materials.
    • Compact Design: The GDC 120 stands out as the most compact marble cutter in its class, offering unmatched maneuverability and ease of use, even in tight spaces or vertical cutting applications.
    • Blade Compatibility: Although the product does not come with a blade, the GDC 120 is designed to accommodate a 110mm saw blade diameter, providing versatility for various cutting tasks.
    • Reliable Performance: Featuring good dust insulation, the powerful motor of the GDC 120 is protected from dust and debris, ensuring reliable performance and extended lifetime, even in challenging work environments.
    • User-Friendly Design: The ergonomic handle is optimally designed for user-friendly operation, providing comfortable handling, especially during vertical cutting tasks. Additionally, the wide base plate enhances stability, while the water device adaptation ensures efficient cooling and dust suppression during operation.
    • Impressive Cutting Depth: With a cutting depth of 34mm in marble, the Bosch GDC 120 offers impressive versatility, allowing you to tackle a wide range of cutting applications with ease and precision.


    • Marble Cutting: Ideal for cutting marble slabs, tiles, and other marble materials in construction, renovation, and fabrication projects.
    • Tile Cutting: Suitable for cutting ceramic tiles and other similar materials in tile installation and renovation tasks.
    • Stone Cutting: Perfect for cutting stone materials such as granite and limestone in stone fabrication and construction applications.
    Weight 3.2 kg
    Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm


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