Heat Gun (ITEM MODEL -GHG 180)

Feature Specification
Rated Input Power 1800 W
Voltage, Electrical 230 V
Weight 0.75 kg
Working Temperature 60 – 550 °C
Heat-Up Time 1 minute
Airflow 350 – 550 l/min
Sound Power Level 70 dB(A)
Uncertainty K 3 dB
Cord Length 2 meters
Applications Shrink wrapping, removing car dents, paint stripping, plastic welding, thawing frozen pipes, soldering and desoldering

    Key Features:

    • Temperature Range: The heat gun operates within a broad temperature range of 60°C to 550°C, providing flexibility for different tasks.
    • Airflow Delivery: It delivers an adjustable airflow between 350 and 550 liters per minute, allowing for precise control over the heat application.
    • Quick Heat-Up: The tool heats up in just 1 minute, ensuring minimal downtime and increased efficiency.
    • Long Cord: Equipped with a 2-meter cord, the heat gun offers greater freedom of movement, enabling you to work comfortably in various environments.
    • Ergonomic Handle: Designed with user comfort in mind, the ergonomic handle ensures ease of use and reduces fatigue during prolonged operations.
    • User-Friendly Design: The intuitive design of the heat gun makes it easy to operate, ensuring maximum working comfort and ease of handling.


    • Shrink Wrapping: Ideal for shrink-wrapping packages, protecting items, and securing loose objects.
    • Removing Car Dents: Effectively used in automotive applications for paintless dent removal.
    • Paint Stripping: Efficiently removes old paint layers from surfaces.
    • Plastic Welding: Useful for welding and shaping plastic materials.
    • Thawing Frozen Pipes: Safely thaws frozen water pipes, preventing damage.
    • Soldering and Desoldering: Suitable for electronic repairs and modifications.


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