50mm Magnetic Drilling Machine (ITEM MODEL – SUPER XL)

Parameter Value
Rated Power 1500W, 230V, 1 Ph, 50Hz
No-load Speed 270 RPM, 540 RPM
Weight 19 kg
Stroke 132 mm
Annular Cutter Up to Ø50 mm
Twist Drill Up to Ø12 mm
Countersinking Up to Ø50 mm
Depth of Cut Maximum 50 mm
Magnetic Clamping 11,770 N (25 mm, Ra = 1.25)

    The Super XL Magnetic Drill Press is engineered to deliver exceptional drilling performance in various metal materials. With a sturdy construction and ergonomic design, it ensures stability and accuracy during operation. The 1500W motor provides ample power for heavy-duty drilling tasks, while the magnetic base offers secure clamping on vertical, horizontal, and overhead surfaces.


    • Metal Fabrication: Perfect for drilling holes in steel structures, beams, and plates.
    • Construction: Ideal for onsite fabrication and assembly work.
    • Maintenance: Essential tool for maintenance professionals requiring precise hole drilling in machinery and equipment.


    • Powerful Performance: High-torque motor for efficient drilling.
    • Versatile: Accommodates various cutting tools and drill bit sizes.
    • User-friendly: Magnetic base with quick-release for easy setup and repositioning.
    • Durable: Designed for long-term durability and reliability in industrial settings.

    Safety Features:

    • Overload Protection: Safeguards the motor from overheating.
    • Magnetic Base Safety: Ensures stable operation without slippage.

    Conclusion: The Super XL Magnetic Drill Press is the go-to choice for professionals seeking a reliable and powerful tool for metal drilling applications. Its robust construction, combined with advanced features, makes it a versatile asset in any workshop or job site environment.


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