175mm heavy-duty Magnetic Drill (ITEM MODEL – TITAN-XL)


DETAIL                   SPECIFICATION
No-load Speed 135/235/280/480 RPM
Rated Power 1800 W, 230V, 1 Ph, 50Hz
Stroke 175 mm
Annular Cutter Up to Ø110 mm
Twist Drill Up to Ø47 mm
Countersinking Up to Ø63 mm
Depth of Cut Up to 100 mm
Magnetic Clamping 23,500 N (25 mm, Ra = 1.25)

    Key Features:

    • No-load Speed Versatility: With speeds ranging from 135 to 480 RPM, the Titan XL adapts to different materials and cutting requirements with ease, ensuring optimal efficiency and precision.
    • Heavy-duty Construction: Weighing 36 kg, the Titan XL is built for stability and durability, capable of handling rigorous industrial environments without compromise.
    • Versatile Cutting Capabilities: Featuring a 175mm stroke and accommodating annular cutters up to Ø110mm, twist drills up to Ø47mm, and countersinking up to Ø63mm, the Titan XL offers versatility in cutting depths and tool compatibility.
    • Deep Cut Capacity: Achieve depths of cut up to 100mm, allowing for substantial material removal in a single pass, enhancing productivity and reducing machining time.
    • Advanced Magnetic Clamping: Equipped with a powerful magnetic clamping force of 23,500N (25mm, Ra = 1.25), the Titan XL ensures secure and stable positioning of workpieces during operation, minimizing vibration and optimizing cutting precision.
    Weight 36 kg


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