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Specification Value
Model Number 70-482
Size 8″
Type Combination Plier
Material Bi-Material
Jaw Capacity 50mm
Handle Material Bi-Material (Fiber and Rubber)
Uses Gripping and twisting objects, bending and cutting wire
SKU 70-482

    Key Features:

    1. Type: Combination Plier
    2. Size: 8 inches
    3. Handle Material: Bi-Material for comfortable grip
    4. Model: 70-482
    5. Versatile: Combines cutting and gripping functionalities in one tool
    6. Durable Construction: Made to withstand regular use
    7. Precision Cutting Edge: Allows for clean and efficient cutting of wires and cables
    8. Comfortable Handle: Ergonomically designed for extended use without hand fatigue


    1. Electrical Work: Ideal for cutting and gripping electrical wires
    2. DIY Projects: Versatile tool for various home improvement tasks
    3. Automotive Repairs: Useful for cutting and holding components during repairs
    4. Crafting: Suitable for cutting and shaping materials in crafting projects
    5. General Maintenance: Handy for a wide range of maintenance and repair jobs
    6. Plumbing Tasks: Useful for gripping and turning pipes and fittings


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