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Specification Details
Model STMT81251-1
Lifting Capacity 2 Tons
Material High-Grade Steel
Lift Range 135 mm to 340 mm
Safety Bypass System Prevents overloading for safe operation
Dual Pump Mechanism Enables quick lifting with minimal effort
Swivel Saddle Provides easy positioning and secure grip on vehicle
Wide Stance Base Increases stability during use
Color Red
Handle Length 500 mm
Package Includes 1 x Floor Jack, 1 x Handle, 1 x User Manual


SKU STMT81251-1

    Key Features:

    1. Lifting Capacity: 2 Tons
      • Capable of lifting heavy vehicles including cars, trucks, and SUVs.
    2. Material: High-Grade Steel
      • Provides strength and durability for long-term use.
    3. Lift Range: 135 mm to 340 mm
      • Suitable for a variety of vehicles with different ground clearances.
    4. Safety Bypass System:
      • Prevents overloading and ensures safe operation.
    5. Dual Pump Mechanism:
      • Allows for quick lifting with minimal effort.
    6. Swivel Saddle:
      • Provides easy positioning and secure grip on the vehicle.
    7. Wide Stance Base:
      • Increases stability and prevents tipping during operation.
    8. Portable Design:
      • Equipped with wheels and a handle for easy maneuverability.
    9. User-Friendly Controls:
      • Simple to operate with clear instructions for safe use.
    10. Heavy-Duty Construction:
      • Designed to withstand rigorous use in professional settings.


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