4″ Angle Grinder (ITEM MODEL – SG7100)

Specification Details
Model SG7100
Power 750
Variable Speed Control Yes
Ergonomic Handle Yes
Safety Features Safety switch
Dust Extraction System [Availability depends on model]
Applications Metal, stone, concrete grinding
Stable Base Yes
SKU SG71001

    Key Features:

    1. Power: Equipped with a  motor for efficient grinding.
    2. Compact Design: Compact and lightweight design for easy handling and maneuverability.
    3. Grinding Disc Diameter: [Insert Diameter] grinding disc for various grinding tasks.
    4. Variable Speed Control: Provides variable speed settings for precise control over grinding operations.
    5. Ergonomic Handle: Designed with an ergonomic handle for comfortable grip and reduced user fatigue.
    6. Safety Features: Includes safety features such as a safety switch for added protection during operation.
    7. Dust Extraction System: Some models may include a dust extraction system to keep the work area clean and improve visibility.
    8. Versatile Applications: Suitable for grinding various materials such as metal, stone, and concrete.
    9. Easy Disc Changes: Facilitates quick and easy changes of grinding discs for enhanced productivity.
    10. Stable Base: Features a stable base for secure operation and reduced vibration during grinding tasks.



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