13mm Hammer Drill (ITEM MODEL – HD555)

Feature Description
Brand Black & Decker
Product Type Hammer Drill Kit
Product Model HD555K50
Power 550 W
Operating Voltage 220-240 volts
Max Drill Capacity 13 mm
Material Engineered Plastic
Color Orange
Dimension (CM) – L x B x H 27 x 20 x 9
Weight 1.78 kg


    • Chuck Size: 13mm (which refers to the maximum size of the drill bit shank it can accommodate)
    • Hammer Function: Allows the drill to function as both a regular drill and a hammer drill, suitable for drilling into harder materials like concrete and masonry.
    • Variable Speed: Often equipped with variable speed settings for more precise control over drilling speed.
    • Power Rating: Usually specified in watts or amps, indicating its drilling power.
    • Reverse Function: Allows the drill bit to rotate in reverse for removing screws or other fasteners.
    • Handle: May come with an ergonomic handle for better grip and control.
    • Depth Gauge: Some models include a depth gauge to control drilling depth accurately.


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