JigSaw Machine (ITEM MODEL – GST 90 BE)

Power Input 650 W
Stroke Rate at No Load 500 – 3,100 spm (strokes per minute)
Cutting Depth in Wood Up to 90 mm
Cutting Depth in Aluminum Up to 20 mm
Cutting Depth in Steel Up to 10 mm
Pendulum Action 4-stage pendulum action for faster cutting progress
Tool-Free Blade Change Yes, for quick and easy blade replacements



    Key Features:

    1. High Removal Rate:
      • The GST 90 BE is engineered to deliver an exceptionally high material removal rate, making it ideal for a variety of cutting tasks. This feature ensures that even the most demanding jobs can be completed quickly and efficiently.
    2. Superior Control and Easy Handling:
      • This jigsaw is designed with the user in mind, offering excellent control and easy handling. The ergonomic design reduces fatigue, allowing for precise and comfortable operation even during extended use.
    3. Enhanced Motor Cooling:
      • Equipped with an improved motor cooling system, the GST 90 BE is capable of handling long periods of continuous work. This advanced cooling mechanism ensures the motor remains at optimal temperature, preventing overheating and extending the tool’s lifespan.
    4. High Overload Capability:
      • Built to withstand intense workloads, the GST 90 BE boasts a high overload capability. This ensures reliable performance under heavy use, making it a durable choice for professional applications.
    Weight 2.6 kg


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