Impact Wrench (ITEM MODEL – IW504AC)


Specification Details
SKU POW.IMP.121748654
Model No IW504AC
Voltage 220-240V
Material Metal
No Load Speed 2300 RPM
Power 950W
Torque 600 Nm
Cord Length 4 meters
Package Contains – 1 x Impact wrench 950W – 600Nm (IW504AC)
– 1 x Socket wrench 17mm 1/2″ grip Cr-V material
– 1 x Socket wrench 19mm grip 1/2″ Cr-V material
– 1 x Socket wrench 21mm clamp 1/2″ material Cr-V
– 1 x Socket wrench 22mm clamp 1/2″ material Cr-V
Usage Home & Professional

    Powerful Performance: The IW504AC Impact Wrench delivers exceptional torque and power, making it ideal for a wide range of fastening and loosening applications. Whether you’re working on automotive repairs, construction projects, or general maintenance tasks, this impact wrench provides the strength and reliability you need to get the job done efficiently.

    Variable Speed Control: With variable speed control, you can easily adjust the speed to match the specific requirements of your task. This feature allows for precise control and enhanced versatility, enabling you to tackle a variety of jobs with ease.\

    Comfortable Grip: Designed with user comfort in mind, the IW504AC features an ergonomic grip that provides comfort and control during extended use. The ergonomic design reduces fatigue and strain, allowing you to work more efficiently and comfortably for longer periods.

    Easy Socket Changes: The IW504AC Impact Wrench is equipped with a quick-release mechanism for easy socket changes, saving you time and effort on the job. Whether you need to switch sockets quickly or make adjustments on the fly, this feature makes the process fast and hassle-free.

    Versatile Application: From automotive repair and maintenance to construction and assembly tasks, the IW504AC Impact Wrench is versatile enough to handle a wide range of applications. Whether you’re working in the garage, on the job site, or in the workshop, this impact wrench is a reliable tool that delivers exceptional performance every time.




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