Impact Wrench (ITEM MODEL – IW503AC)


Model IW503AC
Power High-torque motor
Speed Control Variable speed control
Construction Durable and rugged
Grip Ergonomic design for comfort
Size and Weight Compact and lightweight
Applications Versatile for automotive, construction, and general maintenance tasks
Safety Features Overheat protection, secure grip
Accessories Includes sockets and carrying case
Warranty Backed by a solid warranty and excellent customer support
Noise Level Whisper-quiet operation
Torque Jaw-dropping torque
Precision Control Variable speed control for precision tasks
Durability Constructed from premium materials for long-term use
Maneuverability Nimble form factor for easy maneuvering in tight spaces
Versatility Suitable for a wide range of tasks, from delicate maneuvers to brute force applications
Safety Advanced safety features to protect both user and tool
Compatibility Compatible with a variety of nuts, bolts, and fasteners
Efficiency Enhances productivity and efficiency in various work environments
Innovation Represents the future of impact wrench technology

    Key Features

    Unleash Precision Power: Introducing the IW503AC Impact Wrench, a precision-engineered powerhouse designed to revolutionize your workflow. With its unparalleled torque and whisper-quiet operation, this tool redefines what’s possible in the realm of impact wrenches.

    Silent Strength: Don’t let its tranquil demeanor fool you; beneath the sleek exterior lies a beastly motor capable of delivering jaw-dropping torque with the subtlety of a whisper. Say goodbye to ear-splitting noise and hello to smooth, efficient operation.

    Ergonomic Excellence: Crafted with the discerning user in mind, the IW503AC boasts an ergonomic design that melds seamlessly with the contours of your hand. Say farewell to hand fatigue and hello to hours of comfortable, uninterrupted work.

    Precision Control: Harness the power of precision with our variable speed control feature, allowing you to tailor the tool’s performance to suit the demands of any task. From delicate maneuvers to brute force applications, the IW503AC adapts effortlessly to your needs.

    Built to Last: Engineered for durability, the IW503AC is constructed from premium materials that withstand the rigors of even the toughest work environments. Built to endure, this tool is your steadfast companion for years to come.

    Weight 2.2 kg


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