11kg Demolition Hammer (ITEM MODEL – GSH 11E)

Specification Value
Rated Input Power 1500 W
Impact Energy (according to EPTA 05/2016) 16.8 J
Impact Rate at Rated Speed 1,050 – 1,890 bpm
SDS Max Yes
Vibration Emission Value ah 20 m/s²
Uncertainty K 1.9 m/s²

    Key Features

    1. High Power Output:
      • Rated input power of 620 W for efficient performance.
    2. Lightweight Design:
      • Weighs only 1.7 kg, making it easy to handle and operate.
    3. High Volumetric Flow Rate:
      • Volumetric flow rate of 3.5 m³/min for effective material removal.
    4. Electrical Voltage:
      • Operates on 230 V, suitable for standard electrical systems.
    5. High No-load Speed:
      • No-load speed of 16,000 rpm for quick and efficient operation.
    6. Extreme Impact Force:
      • Delivers 16.8 joules of impact force for high material removal rate.
    7. Low-vibration Operation:
      • Minimizes vibrations during use, enhancing user comfort and precision.
    8. Low Feed Pressure:
      • Requires minimal effort to operate, reducing fatigue during extended use.
    9. Durable Construction:
      • Built to withstand tough working conditions and frequent use.


    1. Construction:
      • Ideal for breaking concrete, brick, and other hard materials.
    2. Renovation:
      • Suitable for tasks such as tile removal and surface preparation.
    3. Demolition:
      • Effective for demolition work requiring high impact force.
    4. Heavy-duty Drilling:
      • Perfect for drilling large holes in various materials.
    5. Masonry Work:
      • Can be used for chiseling and grooving in masonry.
    6. Professional Use:
      • Designed for professionals in construction, renovation, and similar fields.
    7. Industrial Maintenance:
      • Useful for maintenance tasks in industrial settings requiring robust tools.
    8. Home Improvement:
      • Suitable for DIY enthusiasts tackling demanding projects at home.



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