Cordless Screw Driver (ITEM MODEL – DCD7092T)


Attribute Description
Power Source Battery Powered
Voltage 18 Volts
Amperage 1.5 Amps
Colour Multicolour
Included Components Brushless Motor
Special Feature Variable Speed
Maximum Torque 65 Newton Metres
Number of Speeds 3
    1. Precision Drilling: Utilize the compact design of the DCD7092T to access tight spaces where traditional drills cannot reach. Execute drilling operations with accuracy and attention to detail.
    2. Variable Speed Control: Employ the variable speed trigger to adjust the drilling speed according to the delicacy of the work surface, ensuring precise results without damage.
    3. Optimized Torque Delivery: Harness the 65Nm of torque provided by the drill to effortlessly drive screws and bore holes in a variety of materials, maintaining consistent performance throughout the job.
    4. Brushless Motor Expertise: Leverage the brushless motor technology of the DCD7092T, which offers extended tool life compared to conventional brushed motors. This includes understanding the benefits of brushless motors such as reduced maintenance and increased efficiency.
    5. Multi-Mode Functionality: Familiarize yourself with the 3 mode switch, particularly utilizing the Precision Drive mode for intricate applications where accuracy is paramount.
    6. Work Area Illumination: Take advantage of the 3 LEDs positioned on the nosecone of the drill to illuminate the work area, ensuring visibility and precision even in low-light conditions.
    7. Tool Maintenance: Perform routine checks and basic maintenance tasks to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the DCD7092T drill.


    • Prior experience operating cordless drills, preferably in a precision or fine-detailing capacity.
    • Strong understanding of variable speed control and torque management.
    • Familiarity with brushless motor technology and its advantages.
    • Ability to work with precision and attention to detail.
    • Basic knowledge of tool maintenance and care.
    • Excellent hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity.
    Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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