125mm Cordless Angle Grinder (ITEM MODEL-DCG405P2-QW)

Specification Details
Voltage 18V
Battery Chemistry Lithium Ion
Battery Capacity 5.0 Ah
Disc Diameter 125 mm
No Load Speed 9000 rpm
Spindle Thread M14/M10
Switch Type Slider
Length x Height 310 x 125 mm
e-Brake Stops wheel quickly when the trigger is released
e-Clutch Reduces kickback reaction in the event of a pinch or stall
Mesh Cover Restricts dust being sucked through the motor
Rubber Over Mold Provides enhanced grip and comfort


    1. Electronic Clutch: This feature is designed to enhance safety and prolong the life of accessories by automatically activating when the accessory (like a grinding wheel) jams. By disengaging the motor in such situations, it helps prevent kickback and potential injury to the user, as well as reducing wear on the accessory.
    2. High-Performance Brushless Motor: Brushless motors offer several advantages over traditional brushed motors, including increased runtime, longer lifespan, and higher efficiency. In the context of the DCG405P2, this motor provides longer operating times without the need for servicing, contributing to improved productivity.
    3. Narrow Body Design: A slim and ergonomic design makes the tool easier to grip and handle, reducing user fatigue during extended use. This design feature enhances comfort and control, particularly during prolonged grinding or cutting tasks.
    4. Mesh-Covered Air Vents: These vents are strategically placed to prevent dust and debris from entering the tool’s internal components. By minimizing dust ingress, the grinder’s lifespan is prolonged, ensuring consistent performance over time.
    5. 2-Position Side Handle: The inclusion of a side handle that can be adjusted to two different positions allows users to customize the grip according to their preferences and the requirements of the task at hand. This feature enhances user control and comfort, catering to both left and right-handed users.
    Weight 2.37 kg


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