Belt Sander (ITEM MODEL – BGM1022)


Specification Value
Mains Voltage 230-240V~, 50Hz
Input Power 350W
Belt Dimension 100x915mm
Disc Diameter 150mm
Belt Speed 292m/min
Disc Speed 1,450/min
Belt Position Adjustable 0°-90°
Table Position Adjustable 0°-45°

    Introducing the Ferm BGM1022 Belt Sander, your ultimate companion for achieving flawless finishes on your woodworking projects. Engineered with precision and power, this belt sander ensures professional results every time.

    Key Features:

    1. High-Performance Motor: Equipped with a robust motor, the BGM1022 delivers powerful sanding action, effortlessly smoothing out rough surfaces and shaping wood to perfection.

    2. Variable Speed Control: With adjustable speed settings, you have complete control over the sanding process, allowing you to tailor the speed to suit different materials and applications.

    3. Quick Belt Change: The BGM1022 features a convenient quick-change belt system, making it easy to switch between grits or replace worn-out belts without wasting time.

    4. Ergonomic Design: Designed for user comfort and control, the BGM1022 features an ergonomic handle and balanced weight distribution, reducing fatigue during extended sanding sessions.

    5. Dust Extraction Port: Keep your workspace clean and free of debris with the integrated dust extraction port, which efficiently collects dust and debris for a cleaner working environment.


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