BALL PEIN HAMMER 900gm-32 OZ (ITEM MODEL – 54-118)

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Specification Details
Weight 900 grams (32 oz)
Material Steel
Handle Wood, fiberglass, or steel
Pein Flat and rounded ends
Applications Metalworking, riveting, chiseling, forming, automotive work
SKU 54-118


    1. Material: Typically made of steel for durability and strength.
    2. Handle: Usually made of wood, fiberglass, or steel for a comfortable grip.
    3. Pein: One end is flat for striking, while the other end is rounded for shaping metal.
    4. Versatile Tool: Used in metalworking, shaping metal, driving punches, and more.


    1. Metalworking: Shaping and bending metal surfaces.
    2. Riveting: Setting and driving rivets into metal.
    3. Chiseling: Striking chisels for cutting or shaping tasks.
    4. Forming: Used in blacksmithing to shape hot metal.
    5. Automotive Work: Useful for bodywork repairs and maintenance tasks.


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