BALL PEIN HAMMER 450gm-16 OZ (ITEM MODEL – 54-114)

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Specification Details
Weight 450 grams / 16 ounces
Head Material High-carbon forged steel
Handle Material Hickory
Design Two wedges, ball end for riveting, poll for normal striking
Additional Features Polished face and pein, rim temper, 25% longer handle
Standards Meets ANSI standards
SKU 54-114


    1. Size: The pole expands from 54 to 114 inches (137 to 290 cm).
    2. Capacity: It can support up to 154 lbs (70 kg).
    3. Applications:
      • Cabinet Installation: Use it for installing cabinets.
      • Drywall Lift: Ideal for drywall installation.
      • Crown Moldings: Helps with crown molding installation.
      • Door Parallel: Useful for aligning doors.
      • Other Applications: Can stabilize loads in trucks, secure flooring, and more.


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