7″ Angle Grinder (ITEM MODEL – SL227)

Specification Details
Power Input 2200 Watt
Disc Diameter 125 mm
Switch Type Slide
No Load Speed 11500 rpm
Spindle Thread M14



    Key Features

    • Powerful Motor: Equipped with a robust 1400 Watt motor, the SL227 delivers outstanding performance, ensuring smooth and efficient cutting even through tough materials.
    • Blade Diameter: The 7-inch blade diameter is optimal for various cutting tasks, providing a perfect balance between cutting capacity and control.
    • High Speed: With a no-load speed of 11500 RPM, this tool ensures fast and precise cuts, enhancing your productivity.
    • Durable Build: Constructed with high-quality materials, the SL227 is designed to withstand rigorous use, providing long-lasting durability.
    • Ergonomic Design: The tool features an ergonomic handle with a comfortable grip, reducing user fatigue and allowing for extended use.
    • Slide Switch: The convenient slide switch allows for easy operation, making it simple to start and stop the tool.
    • Lightweight: Weighing only 2.1 kg, the SL227 is lightweight and easy to maneuver, reducing strain during prolonged use.
    • Spindle Thread: The M14 spindle thread ensures compatibility with a wide range of accessories, enhancing the versatility of the tool.


    The 7″ LAG (ITEM MODEL – SL227) is suitable for various applications, including:

    • Metal Cutting: Ideal for cutting through steel, aluminum, and other metals.
    • Woodworking: Perfect for making precise cuts in wood and wooden materials.
    • Tile Cutting: Efficiently cuts through tiles and ceramics, making it an excellent tool for tiling projects.
    • Construction: A valuable tool for construction projects, allowing for quick and accurate cuts.

    Safety Features

    • Safety Guard: Comes with a safety guard to protect the user from debris and sparks.
    • Overload Protection: Equipped with overload protection to prevent the motor from overheating.
    • Secure Grip: The anti-slip handle ensures a secure grip, reducing the risk of accidents.

    Maintenance Tips

    • Regular Cleaning: Keep the tool clean by regularly removing dust and debris.
    • Blade Inspection: Frequently inspect the blade for wear and replace it when necessary.
    • Lubrication: Ensure moving parts are adequately lubricated for smooth operation.
    • Proper Storage: Store the tool in a dry, safe place when not in use to prevent damage.

    Package Contents

    • 1 x 7″ LAG (ITEM MODEL – SL227)
    • 1 x 7-inch cutting blade
    • 1 x Safety guard
    • 1 x User manual
    • 1 x Wrench for blade changing
    Weight 2.1 kg


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