6″ Bench Grinder (ITEM MODEL – STGB3715)

Specification Details
Model STGB3715
Wheel Diameter 6 inches (152MM)
Power 373W
Adjustable Tool Rests Yes
Eye Shields Yes
Spark Deflectors Yes
Construction Durable materials
Design Compact
Safety Features Safety switch

    Key Features:

    1. Grinding Wheel: Equipped with a 6-inch grinding wheel for various grinding tasks.
    2. Powerful Motor: Features a powerful motor for efficient grinding performance.
    3. Adjustable Tool Rests: Includes adjustable tool rests for precise and accurate grinding.
    4. Eye Shields: Comes with eye shields to protect the user from sparks and debris during operation.
    5. Spark Deflectors: Incorporates spark deflectors to minimize sparks and maintain a safe working environment.
    6. Variable Speed: Some models may feature variable speed control for versatile grinding applications.
    7. Durable Construction: Made with durable materials to withstand heavy-duty grinding tasks.
    8. Compact Design: Compact size for easy placement on workbenches or tool stands.
    9. Easy to Use: Designed for ease of use, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced users.
    10. Safety Features: Includes safety features such as a safety switch for added protection.


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