6/6.35/8mm Black Trimmer (ITEM MODEL – KTR6)


Specification Details
Model KTR6
Type Electrical Trimmer
Chuck Size 6/6.35mm (1/4 inch)
Power Source Electric
Power Rating 500 watts
Speed Settings Variable speed control
Design Compact and ergonomic
Handle Comfortable grip handle
Switch Trigger switch for easy operation
Blade Type High-speed steel (HSS) blades
Safety Features Safety lock-off button

    Key Features:

    1. Model: KTR6
    2. Type: Electrical Trimmer
    3. Chuck Size: 6/6.35mm (1/4 inch)
    4. Power Source: Electric
    5. Power Rating: 500 watts
    6. Speed Settings: Variable speed control
    7. Design: Compact and ergonomic design
    8. Handle: Comfortable grip handle
    9. Switch: Trigger switch for easy operation
    10. Blade Type: High-speed steel (HSS) blades
    11. Safety: Safety lock-off button


    • Woodworking:
      • Trimming, cutting, and shaping wood edges and surfaces.
    • Plastic Work:
      • Trimming and shaping plastic materials.
    • Metal Work (Light):
      • Suitable for light metal cutting and shaping tasks.
    • DIY Projects:
      • Ideal for home improvement and DIY projects.
    • Craftsmanship:
      • Useful for precision work and detailed craftsmanship.
    • General Maintenance:
      • Maintenance tasks around the house, workshop, or garage.


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