5″ Angle Grinder (ITEM MODEL – GWS 14-125)


Specification Value
Rated Input Power 1400 W
No-load Speed 11,000 rpm
Disc Diameter 125 mm
Power Output 820 W
Grinding Spindle Thread M14
Rubber Backing Pad Diameter 125 mm
Wire Cup Brush Diameter 75 mm
Weight 2.2 kg
Switch Lockable


SKU GWS 14-125

    The GWS 14-125 is a versatile and reliable angle grinder designed for various grinding and cutting applications.

    • Vibration Control Auxiliary Handle: Equipped with a vibration control auxiliary handle, the GWS 14-125 reduces vibrations by 40%, ensuring low-fatigue working conditions according to EN 60745 standards.
    • Direct Cooling: The direct cooling feature of the GWS 14-125 provides high overload capability and extends the tool’s lifetime, making it suitable for heavy-duty tasks.
    • Constant Electronic: With constant electronic technology, the GWS 14-125 maintains a consistent speed even under heavy loads, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.
    • Overload Protection and Safety Features: The angle grinder is equipped with overload protection, soft start, starting current limitation, and an anti-rotation protective guard that is quickly and easily adjustable, providing reliable protection during operation.
    • Enhanced Handling: The slim housing design and rotatable gear head in 90° steps ensure good handling and versatility in various working conditions. The handle can be used on the right or left side for added convenience.
    Dimensions 36 × 13 × 13 cm


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