30L Stainless Vacuum Cleaner (ITEM MODEL – KVC30)

Specification Details
Model KVC30
Capacity 30 liters
Motor Power 1400 Watts
Suction Power 200 Air Watts
Functionality Wet and Dry
Filter Type HEPA Filter
Noise Level 75 dB
Cord Length 5 meters
Hose Length 2.5 meters
Weight 8.5 kg
Dimensions 45 x 40 x 60 cm
Blower Function Yes
Attachments Crevice Tool, Brush Head, Extension Wands
Automatic Shut-Off Yes
Wheels Yes



    Key Features

    1. Large Capacity: 30-liter capacity for extended cleaning sessions without frequent emptying.
    2. Powerful Suction: High-powered motor for strong suction, capable of picking up dust, dirt, debris, and liquids.
    3. Wet and Dry Functionality: Suitable for both wet and dry cleaning applications, making it versatile for various cleaning needs.
    4. Durable Construction: Sturdy and durable materials to withstand heavy use and ensure long-lasting performance.
    5. Multiple Attachments: Comes with a variety of attachments, including crevice tools, brush heads, and extension wands, for enhanced cleaning efficiency.
    6. HEPA Filter: High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter to trap fine particles and allergens, ensuring cleaner air output.
    7. Easy Mobility: Equipped with wheels and a carrying handle for easy movement and transportation around the workspace.
    8. Blower Function: Can be used as a blower to clear leaves and debris from driveways, patios, and workshops.
    9. Automatic Shut-Off: Built-in float valve to automatically shut off suction when the tank reaches its maximum capacity.
    10. Ergonomic Design: User-friendly design with accessible controls and easy-to-remove tank for quick emptying and cleaning.


    1. Home Cleaning: Effective for cleaning floors, carpets, and furniture, handling both dust and liquid spills.
    2. Workshop and Garage: Ideal for cleaning sawdust, metal shavings, and other debris in workshops and garages.
    3. Construction Sites: Suitable for cleaning up construction debris, including dust, small rubble, and liquids.
    4. Automotive: Perfect for vacuuming car interiors, including seats, floors, and trunks.
    5. Flood Cleanup: Efficient for removing water from flooded areas, such as basements and garages.
    6. Office Spaces: Useful for maintaining clean and tidy office environments, handling both routine and deep cleaning tasks.
    7. Commercial Cleaning: Suitable for use in hotels, restaurants, and retail stores, ensuring a clean environment for customers and employees.
    8. Outdoor Cleaning: Blower function can be used to clear leaves and debris from driveways, patios, and garden areas.
    9. Allergy Control: HEPA filter captures fine particles and allergens, making it ideal for environments where air quality is a concern.
    10. Event Cleanup: Effective for cleaning up after events and gatherings, quickly handling large amounts of waste and spills.


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