3 PC FILE SET (ITEM MODEL 0-22-464 )

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Specification Details
Manufacturer Stanley Tools
Model Number 0-22-464
Set Configuration 3-piece file set
Flat File 1 piece
Half-Round File 1 piece
Round File 1 piece
File Material High carbon steel, hardened and tempered
Handle Ergonomic handle design
Applications Metals, plastics, wood; sharpening, shaping, deburring, smoothing
Durability Designed for regular use; long-lasting cutting effectiveness
Packaging Cardboard box or blister pack
Usage Professional and DIY applications; mechanics, carpenters, hobbyists, craftsmen
Safety Use with appropriate safety precautions; store safely when not in use
SKU 0-22-464


    • Diverse File Types:
      • Flat File: Ideal for general filing and smoothing flat surfaces.
      • Half-Round File: Suitable for filing concave, convex, and flat surfaces.
      • Round File: Used for enlarging round holes or filing curved surfaces.
    • Material:
      • Made from high carbon steel, ensuring durability and long life.
      • Files are hardened and tempered to provide a strong cutting edge and resistance to wear.
    • Handles:
      • Ergonomic handles provide a comfortable grip and control during use.
      • Handles are typically designed to reduce fatigue during prolonged use.
    • Versatility:
      • Suitable for use on a variety of materials including metals, plastics, and wood.
      • Can be used for sharpening, shaping, deburring, and smoothing tasks.
    • Convenience:
      • Compact size makes them easy to handle and store.
      • Comes as a set of three different types of files, allowing for a wide range of applications.
    • Durability:
      • Files are designed to withstand regular use in demanding environments.
      • High-quality construction ensures they maintain their cutting effectiveness over time.
    • Applications:
      • Useful for DIY projects, woodworking, metalworking, and other crafts.
      • Suitable for both professional and hobbyist use.
    • Safety:
      • Properly engineered to minimize the risk of slippage during use.
      • Always use files with appropriate safety precautions, such as wearing gloves and eye protection.


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