20000KG-20 TON (ITEM MODEL – ST92001CE)

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Feature Description
Model Number ST92001CE
Capacity 20000 kg (20 tons)
Material High-quality steel
Usage Heavy-duty lifting and hauling
Safety Features Equipped with safety mechanisms
Compact Design Compact for easy maneuverability
Compliance Complies with safety standards
Applications Industrial, commercial, and construction applications

    Key Features:

    1. High Weight Capacity:
      • Capable of lifting and hauling loads up to 20000 kg (20 tons), making it suitable for heavy-duty tasks.
    2. Durable Construction:
      • Made from high-quality steel for strength, durability, and long-term reliability.
    3. Heavy-Duty Usage:
      • Designed for heavy-duty lifting and hauling applications in industrial, commercial, and construction settings.
    4. Safety Features:
      • Equipped with safety mechanisms to ensure secure handling of heavy loads.
    5. Compact Design:
      • Compact design for easy maneuverability and storage when not in use.
    6. Compliance:
      • Complies with relevant safety standards and regulations to ensure safe operation in industrial environments.
    7. Applications:
      • Ideal for lifting and transporting heavy machinery, equipment, and materials in warehouses, factories, construction sites, and more.
    8. Easy to Use:
      • Designed for ease of use with intuitive controls and ergonomic features for operator comfort.
    9. Package Contents:
      • 1 x 20000KG-20 Ton (Item Model: ST92001CE) lifting equipment.


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