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Specification Details
Durability Patented hammer case improving durability
Speed Settings 5 speeds forward and reverse
Design Balanced weight design
Exhaust Handle exhaust directs air away
Hammering Mechanism Twin hammer
Vibration 5.20 m/s²
Noise Level 95 dB under no load
Housing Aluminum
Air Inlet ¼”


SKU STMT99300-81

    Key Features:

    • Patented Hammer Case:
      • Designed to improve durability, ensuring long-lasting performance even in tough environments.
    • 5 Speeds Forward and Reverse:
      • Provides versatility and precision for various tasks, allowing users to select the optimal speed for the job.
    • Balanced Weight Design:
      • Enhances user comfort and reduces fatigue during prolonged use, making it easier to handle.
    • Handle Exhaust:
      • Directs air away from the user, maintaining a clean and comfortable working environment.
    • Twin Hammer Mechanism:
      • Delivers powerful and consistent hammering action, improving efficiency and effectiveness in heavy-duty applications.
    • Vibration:
      • Low vibration level of 5.20 m/s² minimizes user fatigue and enhances control.
    • Noise Level:
      • Operates at 95 dB under no load, providing a quieter working experience compared to other tools in its class.
    • Aluminum Housing:
      • Constructed with durable aluminum, ensuring lightweight handling without compromising strength.
    • Air Inlet:
      • Equipped with a ¼” air inlet, compatible with standard air supply systems for easy connectivity.
    Weight 2.58 kg


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